News & events

A number of events has been planned to bring together a large group of experts aiming to disseminate the project’s results and findings to a big audience including all Intermodal related target groups (scientific community, industry, authorities, service providers etc).

The PROMIT events include:

  • Workshops on Intermodality: Based on the horizontal approach followed to cover the basic elements of Intermodal transport, at least one clustering workshop is planned per year.
  • Intermodal Innovation Day Conferences: Annual Intermodal Innovation Day Conferences will be organized, presenting the most interesting best practices and innovations in the area of Intermodal transport drawn during the project time frame, attracting the targeted user groups as well as other experts.
  • News: This includes information and announcements about the progress and major milestones of the project.

Workshops on Intermodality

Forthcoming Workshops


Past Workshops

1st Workshop on Intermodal Door-to-Door Services13-14 November 2006Basel, Switzerland
2nd Workshop on Integrating Information and Security Technologies to Enhance Intermodal Transport Chains8-9 February 2007Thessaloniki, Greece
3rd Cluster Workshop on Infrastructures and Equipment4-5 June 2007Gothenburg, Sweden
4th Workshop on Innovative Co-operation models for efficient and high quality intermodal services and operation25&26 September 2007Gdynia, Poland
Promotion measures on intermodal transpot and their impact9 November 2007Sofia, Bulgaria
5th PROMIT Workshop on Intermodal Transport Across Borders20-21 November 2007Bologna, Italy
Seminar on Connecting Europe and Asia with Trans Siberian Rail (TSR)14 February 2008Helsinki, Finland
Successful Cooperative Intermodal Transport Strategies and ICT Systems15-16 May 2008Southampton, UK
Final PROMIT Cluster Workshop – In Cooperation with MarNIS
High quality Intermodal Terminal Infrastructure and Operation
16th – 17th October 2008Altis Hotel, Rua Castilho 11, Lisbon, Tel. + 35121

Intermodal Innovation Day Conferences:

Forthcoming Conferences

Intermodal Innovation Day Conference IIIN/AN/A

Past Conferences

First Intermodal Innovation Day Conference on “Promoting Intermodal Freight Transport in Europe, Innovations and Best Practice examples”15-16 March 2007Antwerp, Belgium
Co-modality; an intermodal key to sustain green logisticsMarch 6-7, 2008Valencia, Spain


CIPROC – Study on extending activities of Short Sea Promotion CentersN/AN/A
Balkans Intermodal & Logistics Conference 20078-9 November 2007Sofia, Bulgaria
EΙΑ Intermodal Awards – show your best practices to the public8 November 2007Sofia, Bulgaria